WHISKY Smoked Brown Sugar, resealable 8 oz pouch


Additional information

Thinking of purchasing our whiskey-smoked brown sugar? You’re making the right decision!The aroma of our Whiskey Smoked Brown Sugar is absolutely intoxicating, even with the alcohol removed. This exceptional flavor combination enhances sweet and savory dishes or coffees and cocktails. It makes the most delicious marinade for salmon, beef, chicken, and pork, and it’s natural with baked beans, sweet potatoes, or carrots.

Our Whiskey Smoked Brown Sugar is a fabulous addition to peach pie or the whipped cream on top, and it makes a decadent caramel sauce to drizzle over poached pears, vanilla ice cream, or bread pudding. Customers also tell us it also makes the best caramel corn & candied nuts ever!

You’ll have fun experimenting with our Whiskey Smoked Brown Sugar. It’s a real crowd-pleaser and a great gift. Get your hands on our top-notch whiskey-smoked brown sugar by ordering it from our online store.