REGULAR, WHISKY & CHILI Smoked Brown Sugars


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Want to get your hands on a unique sugar product to enhance your dishes? You’ve come to the right place! At The Smoked Olive, we take pride in sourcing the finest ingredients to deliver the perfect chili smoked brown sugar.

The perfect gift, even for yourself!  Each distinctive Smoked Brown Sugar creates unique, irresistible dishes.  Imagine roasted pork loin with Chili Smoked Brown Sugar, candied walnuts with Whiskey Smoked Brown Sugar, or Giada’s glazed carrots with our Regular Smoked Brown Sugar. These are only a few ways to use these versatile sugars!From barbecue glazes to baked beans, our brown sugar can take your taste buds on a magical culinary journey.Our chili smoked brown sugar offers the perfect balance of heat and sweetness to your food items.

Ready to explore the fusion of sweet and spicy flavors? Get in touch with us to order our chili smoked brown sugar.