SANTA FE Smoked Olive Oil (spicy smoke) – 250 ml


Additional information

If you want to add a spicy and smoky flavor to your food items, consider purchasing our chili smoked olive oil. Our 250 ml bottle offers a unique blend of rich smokiness and spicy aromas to help you enjoy an unforgettable culinary experience.

This double-gold winner is the perfect marriage of heat & smoke.” Cooking Light Magazine says, “It’s surprisingly subdued and balanced…this oil satisfies”. The combination of pure New Mexico chilies and our premium smoked olive oil makes Santa Fe a customer favorite.

The Smoked Olive’s exclusive process naturally wood-smokes premium oils in the absence of heat – air & light. This preserves the integrity and flavors of our beautiful oils for quality you can taste!You can use our spicy smoke olive oil to marinate meatsand vegetables or add a fiery kick to your dressings and dips.

Order our chili smoked olive oil today to discover the balance of spice and smoke.